Blog Collaboration Day 2: A Book Tag Inspired by Caraval by Stephanie Garber

caraval tag day 2

Hi guys!

Here we are today for this segment’s Day 2!

For this day, we are going to feature a Caraval inspired tag in which everyone is free to tag themselves and enjoy answering the questions given.

So without further delay, we present to you, the Caraval Book Tag!

Caraval tag questions 1
Caraval. It is no joke to wait like crazy when the hype on its ARC is incredibly outrageous. Everyone is talking about how beautiful it is and I cannot resist not being excited about it too. So when my board exam results came up, I knew, my book haul would never be complete without buying Caraval.

Lara Jean. Who wouldn’t love this sweet girl whose love life turned into a loopsided roller coaster ride? Lara may have sometimes experienced sinblinghood problems but dealing with it with ease makes her one of my favorite book sibling.

Kaz Brekker. Kaz’s inteligence and extraordinary tactics will surely help us survive the wrath of the Caraval. He is always good at planning ahead and never fails to impress. Kaz will surely add to the magic of the Caraval and surely, it will be more fun with him around. (winks)

Follow Me Back. I just finished reading this book and all I can say is WOW! It really did toy with my feelings all the way from start to finish. It is a celebrity love story with a very powerful twist. Who would have thought that this would be one hell of a roller coaster ride?

The Way I Used to be by Amber Smith. This book is so utterly stunning that my mind has been floating for hours after reading this book. It is beautiful yet, the theme is so sad that it hurts.

Caraval tag questions 3
A Court of Mist and Fury. this is the novel that made me so hooked up from first page to last that I have been seeing the sun rise for three days straight.

Caraval tag questions 4
Dorothy Must Die. How are you supposed to trust anyone if the main character herself cannot be trusted? In this twisted tale after the Wizard of Oz, you will never dare trust anyone but yourself. (Winks)

Caraval tag questions 4
These Shallow Graves. I have been ranting about how good this novel would have been if not for the very depressing start. However, despite my battle on not DNFing the novel, I still found the ending really interesting.


Tessa Hart from Follow Me Back. This character’s drastic change has given me a shock to the point where I had a trouble sleeping that night I finished reading the book.

Caraval tag questions 5
Velaris. Who doesn’t want to live in this place? The Court of Dreams is one of the most beautiful book cities I have ever encountered and just being able to imagine is is very ecstatic. I have mentioned it before that one of the places the anime Sword Art Online showcased is my visual for Velaris. It is ALfheim Online’s City of Alne and it looks like this.

At Daytime:

At Night:

So pretty right? (swoons)

And that ends my tag. I hope you enjoyed reading this segment and be sure to visit @ALovelornVirgo to check her answers out.

See you again tomorrow for the last day of our blog collaboration.



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