Trick or Treat Book Tag


Hey Guys!

Happy Hallows Eve!

How are you there? Bet you’re wearing that cute costume you bought the other day somewhere. Or maybe, you’re just sitting there, watching the television, listening to traffic advisories for those who are planning to visit their dead loved ones at the cemetery. Well, I am doing the second one. Traffic here is very unbearable even in normal days and wearing Halloween costumes makes people think you are crazy. So, I prefer to stay at home and feel the comfort of my bed. (smiles)

Anyways, this tag is created by Alyssa @ Under Review and here are my picks:



The most awaited final book in The Selection series. (smiles)



This book’s cover literally looks like an adult coloring book! I love how the colors are printed on white, giving emphasis on the details of the design.


This description makes me laugh! What do you mean by SOMETHING GOOEY? HUH?!

So, probably I’ll choose this.


I know, my interpretation of this part is green but hey! who wouldn’t think of this book when reading the description? So yeah. This probably made everyone who read it GOOEY IN THE MIDDLE. (laughs)



I am surprised onto why this book did not boom upon it’s release. The plot is so unique and realistic that I have given it five stars. You should try reading this sometime and tell me what you think. (smiles)



This book is about a story of love blossoming for the second time around. (smiles)

questions 2


Who would forget the cute scenes of Eleanor and Park? I loved everything from this novel including their first kiss.

questions 2

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This has been everyone’s Halloween read last year and everyone, including me enjoyed the book including it’s unique story and creepy photographs. Well, I probably should read the last book before Halloween ends. (smiles)

I won’t tag anyone onto this post. Please feel free to do this if you want to.

Till my next post.

Happy Halloween!


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