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Hey there!

I have been tagged sometime last month by the lovely Anette @ Anette Reads to do The Unpopular Options Book Tag. Thank you Anette. (smiles)

This tag is one of the most unusual tags I have encountered since I started blogging. It is unique because unlike others, this tag highlights the books that the tagged blogger liked less.

So, now, without further adieu, here are my picks:


Fangirl by Rainow Rowell. This novel is the reason why I am very careful now in choosing the books that I buy. I have read many good reviews about this book. In fact, everyone rated it five stars so I gave it a shot. But no matter how I tried to like the book, the main character, Cath, really gets into my nerves making me hate the book Fangirl as a general.


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Almost everyone I know seem to hate this book except for a few. Who wouldn’t? The story line revolves on people falling in love with someone when in fact they are committed to someone. But what I like about these books is their unique and cute scenarios that would definitely make the readers roll on their beds. (smiles)



The American Heiress is a story about Cora, the richest girl in America who got married to Ivo, the most eligible bachelor in England. To tell you honestly, I did not finish the book but I know how it ends. I don’t know if Cora is just too naive or just too dumb in making Ivo stay despite the fact that he had cheated on her.


Erotica. Well, the only book that I can withstand in this genre is Fifty Shades of Grey. In fact, when I was reading the book, I skipped most of the explicit scenes making me finish the series within days. (Smiles)


cath___fangirl_by_fullmetalviolinist-d6udaf7Cath of Fangirl. One of the reasons why I don’t like her is because of her whiny attitude. I do admit, I am a fangirl. I am addicted to anime so as novels. But that doesn’t stop me from mingling with others. Sharing my thoughts and talking about anything under the sun. Going out of my shell and not just mumble inside my room being an ass because I want to write some stupid fan fiction. Do some things with real people. That can wait later when you are alone.



Nicholas Sparks. He is known for his beautifully crafted love stories that are mostly turned into tear-jerker movies. When I was in highschool, I really loved his novels. I even have some of them still in my shelf. But then, when each story seem to be predictable, I started to stop grabbing his novels. Who would want to read about someone dying every time? That’s why I stopped.


Twilight. To tell you honestly, I did not finish reading the book. I got bored upon reading half of the first book so I stopped. I don’t really know what caused the hype especially now that Life and Death was released. What’s the point of having Bella be a vampire and Edward a human?

Untitled-2256683  822993

Whenever I see these books inside our local bookstore, I cringe. Well, literally. Why? Because these books looks so tiresome to read even by just looking at them. They are so thick and long that I’ll prefer to watch the series that read the book.



Who wouldn’t love this cute and endearing love story between Rosie and Alex? The movie, compared to the novel is so capsulized making the scenes irrelevant to the book eliminated. It is also very fun to watch given that the ending were a little bit adjusted instead of having them finally together at fifty.

Honestly, this has been the longest time I have edited a post. It took me days to finish this! (laughs)

But anyways, I hope you enjoy reading my picks. I won’t tag anyone so feel free do do this tag if you want to.

Till my next blog post!


One thought on “The Unpopular Options Book Tag

  1. Laura says:

    I’ve read this one, and even clicked like. Clearly, I’m starting to forget things. 😦

    I just bought Anna of the French Kiss. Can’t wait to read it.
    I also bought the first 5 books in the Mortal Instrument series (it was a sale), and the first book in the Game of Thrones. I just want to know what’s all the fuss about. 😀

    Great post!

    Liked by 1 person

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