Top 5 Wednesday: Top Authors You Discovered This Year

top 5 wednesday


Here is again another Top 5 Wednesday created by Lainey @ GingerReadsLainey. If you want to join, you can click here to view her Goodreads account.

For this week’s topic, we have here, the Top Authors I Discovered This Year.

There so many amazing authors out there that I only discovered just this year making my top five so difficult to pick.

So, without further adieu, here are my picks.

5 Renee Colins who wrote Until We Meet Again

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Her book Until We Meet again is a story of a love that defies not just fate, but also time. Renee Collins captures not only the scenario of forbidden love in a plot twist that is not as ordinary as other time travel themed books but also, she captures the hearts of the readers captivating them in a whole new experience of a love that is once lost but yet to be found again.

You can view my review of this book by clicking here.

4 Kiera Cass who wrote The Selection Series

cover-the-one              2987125

The Selection Series has been one of the most popular young adult series that I have grabbed this year. The story is About America Singer, the girl who, among 35 girls, was chosen by the prince, Maxon, to be his bride. Kiera Cass captures a fairy tale in a story that would make its readers fall in love over and over again.

You can view my review of the first three books by clicking at the link below:

3 Danielle Paige who wrote Dorothy Must Die Series

18053060       Danielle Paige, author portrait

A fan fiction or not, Dorothy Must Die is one hell crazy of a book which is the least expected prequel to the story, The Wizard Of Oz. What happened after the Scarecrow managed to have a brain? The Tin Woodman a heart? And the Lion his courage? Has Dorothy got her wish of returning home? This book tells the story in an upside down manner of how Oz, a place of magic and wonders, turns when Dorothy, the girl from Kansas takes the throne and become her Royal Highness, the Princess of Oz. A beautifully twisted book that will make you believe that lies can trully be hidden in what you believe is true. And remember, you can never trust anyone.

2 Nicola Yoon who wrote Everything Everything 

18692431        7353006

Everything Everything is a book that tells us about the story of Madeline, The girl who is allergic to literally everything. This is one of my best reads this year and I must say. this book is pretty awesome given that it’s Nicola Yoon’s debut novel. It captures everything, from the innocence of meeting your first love to taking the risk of gaining the freedom you really deserves.

You can view my review of this book by clicking here.

1 Leslye Walton who wrote The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender

18166936        32S7d3Pp

For the first spot, I have here Leslye Walton. Her novel The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender is one of the most beautiful novel I have ever read. With her beautiful writing style and unique plot, she captivates the reader’s hearts into believing that indeed, love makes us such fools.

You can view my review of this book by clicking here.

I have now stated my top five picks for this week.

What’s yours?


4 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday: Top Authors You Discovered This Year

    • Bea @ When Curiosity Killed the Cat says:

      That is super tricky! 😂😂😂

      Among all of the books I have read, picking a favorite is the most difficult. 😣😣😣

      Anyways, it depends whether that author really catches my attention or not. In all of the author, the one who catches my attention the most is Dan Brown. Well, who wouldn’t right? He has this intelligent writing style and well researched novels. But that doesn’t mean he is my only favorite. Hahaha. 😂😂😂

      Well, I like Rainbow Rowell too, so as Stephanie Perkins and Jenny Han too. There are so many authors to love! Don’t you agree? 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Reg (She Latitude) says:

    I’ve read Everything, Everything and really enjoyed it! In fact, I’m writing a review right now, haha. And what a gorgeous cover The Strange and Beautiful Sorrow has, I can’t believe I’ve never seen it before! I definitely have to look it up, especially after you gave it a 5-star rating.

    PS: This is my first time on your blog and I love your style. Also following you on Twitter now. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Bea @ When Curiosity Killed the Cat says:

      Thanks! 😁

      I am looking forward to your book review! 😊

      The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender really has the most beautiful cover. In fact, its cover is the reason why I read it. 😁

      Anyways, you should probably check it out. The book is not only beautiful on the cover but also the story and the writing style is good. 😄

      I am looking forward to seeing you around! 😁


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