Top 5 Wednesday: Favorite Diverse Characters

top 5 wednesday


Here is again another Top 5 Wednesday created by Lainey @ GingerReadsLainey. If you want to join, you can click here to view her Goodreads account.

For this week’s topic, we have here, my favorite diverse characters.

It is so difficult to choose five since all of them have their own distinctive characteristics. Some may be a heroine of some sort and some may be a hero trying to become somebody. Well, everyone has their own unique abilities and attitudes no matter how cliche some stories can become.

So, without further adieu, here is my list.

5 Amy of Dorothy Must Die


Amy Gumm is the other girl from Kansas who is destined to free the land of Oz from the brutal hands of Dorothy, the said princess of the land. This story is a retelling of the famous classic, The Wizard of Oz by which, everything was made upside down. This made Amy Gumm perfectly diverse. Where on earth have you seen someone fighting against the original characters of a classic? Who the heck defies Dorothy? Well, now you know who. (smiles)

4 Jacob of Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children


Jacob is among those children who are believed to be peculiar. Almost everyone in this novel is peculiar. But what makes him join the list is the fact that his peculiarity is unique among the others. No one can sense Hollows coming except for him. So, the safety of the group relies in him and not to anyone else.

3 Nao of A Tale for the Time Being


Nao is a Japanese girl who tells us the story of her great grandmother in a diary which is washed ashore in an remote island in British Columbia. What makes her diverse is the way she told her own version of the story. It is very humorous yet still very informative. Not everyday in your life will you encounter someone as intriguing as Nao. That’s what made me add her to my list. (smiles)

2 Marguerite of A Thousand Pieces of You


Marguerite is a girl who is blessed with genius parents who invented the Firebird, a device which allows its users to jump into different dimensions. I, for one, is intrigued by the theme of this book. A girl who leaps through dimensions to find her parent’s murderer. But here is the catch, she only replaces her other self in that dimension and not travel there literally. Quite cool right?  But what makes her different is the way she acted when she was as her other self in Russia. Who the hell would make love, for the first time, to her other self’s beau? (My palm literally landed on my face) This is one hell of a scenario we have here.

1 Madeline of Everything Everything


Madeline has been allergic to literally everything and that’s what makes her diverse. If you have read the book, you will notice how her mother protect her from everything. Even their house has filters. But what makes her unique is her attitude. Yes, I know, she can be a hell of a cliche sometimes but hey, you don’t meet people everyday who defies their own sickness. One wrong move and she could die. She is one crazy girl, if you ask me. (smiles)

So, here are this week’s picks.

What’s yours?

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