The Random Playlist: Something More Than Just a Fairytale: A The Selection Playlist


Hi guys!

I have come up with a new segment called the Random Playlist. It is about the music I usually listen to whenever I’m reading a certain book or just idling around. These are uploaded in 8tracks or Spotify depending on the number of tracks a playlist contains.

Today, my playlist contains the music I listen to whenever Prince Maxon and America Singer, from The Selection Series, were together.


  1. Conversation with the Stars – Brightwood
  2. I’m in Love with You – Joy Willams
  3. Once in a Lifetime – Landon Austin
  4. Marry Me – Train
  5. Falling – Tyler Ward feat. Alex G.
  6. Take a Chance – Marion Aunor
  7. So Easy – Phillip Phillips
  8. Something Beautiful – Need to Breathe
  9. Dare You to Move – Switchfoot
  10. You’re Love’s Like – Sabrina Carpenter
  11. Cheerleader (Felix Jaehn Edit) – Omi

Here is the link to my playlist.

I hope you’ll enjoy!


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