Top 5 Wednesday: Favorite Things about Book Blogging

top 5 wednesday


Here is again another Top 5 Wednesday created by Lainey @ GingerReadsLainey. If you want to join, you can click here to view her Goodreads account.

So, the topic for today is about my Favorite Things about Book Blogging.

I have been blogging for a month now and this has been a different experience for me since I was used to just telling my friends about the books I’ve read personally and post on my Goodreads account. Now that I’ve started blogging, there is this whole new world I am facing and I am excited to discover more things about it.

Anyways, here are my picks.

5 Editing the Graphics

Every graphics I have on this blog is not my own. I just edited them. But the joy of learning how to operate Adobe Illustrator and editing each graphic is irreplaceable.

4 Receiving ARCs

It is on my wishlist to receive an Advance Reader’s Copy of the books I wanted to read. That’s why whenever my request on Netalley is approved I feel so happy. Totally, a dream come true. (laughs)

3 Receiving Blog Awards

Receiving a blog award is like receiving a compliment. It is a reminder that someone out there recognizes your efforts and hard work. So, I am so very pleased whenever someone nominates me. Who wouldn’t right? That’s why I am very thankful to everyone who have nominated me in the past. Thank you for the support you have given me. (smiles)

2 Book Reviewing

Ever since I started being a part of Goodreads, I love to tell my book-lover friends about the books I have and haven’t read. I have told them why and why not should they read a certain book and have small discussions within the four corners of classroom. Now that I have established a book blog, I am very willing to share my thoughts with everyone, not just the friends I have known in my personal life, but also to all the friends I have gained in the blogsphere.

1 Meeting and collaborating with other bloggers.

Here is the thing I love the most. Meeting people with the same interests as you can somehow uplift the purpose you have for blogging. Without you guys, my blog would not be as it is right now. It wouldn’t be so much fun and I won’t be so motivated to write. Well, you guys are the reason why I have this blog after all. So I post, I write and do everything to give you the best that I can. (smiles)

Blogging, in its own way, makes me feel great despite all of the pressures I have been experiencing here in the real world. Having a blog gives me a sense of accomplishment whenever I finish a post or two. Now that I have been doing this for a month, I am so happy it lasted this long and the good news is, I am collaborating with Wakuwafu, a blog that talks about anime, in the near future! So, for those anime fanatics out there, feel free to visit their blog. It would be an amazing experience knowing them.

So, here are my picks. What’s yours?


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