Would You Rather? Book Tag

123would rather book tag questions

Both. Standalone books are perfect when there is a long weekend coming up or when insomnia hits in the wee hours of the night. A quick read, if you needed one. Well, as of the series, they are best to read if there is a long vacation coming up or if you have lots and lots of time.

would rather book tag questions

I don’t mind. Well, gender doesn’t define a great book. As long as the plot of the story is great, the writing style is great and the title is interesting, anything is worth giving a try. (smiles)

would rather book tag questions

Honestly, I don’t have a credit card to begin with. Buying books online is a great loss of investment since shipping fees in my country are very costly and it makes it not worth the try. But luckily, my favorite bookstore has this system that allows the buyers to order and pre-order the books available on Amazon without that much interest. So every now and then, when I want to purchase a book or two, I visit Amazon, just to check for the price.

would rather book tag questions

It really depends. Oftentimes, books are better than the movies. It is so rare to find a movie that is better than the book. Why? Because sometimes, the movies lack that sense of completeness since they tend to capsulize the story. On the other hand, I find TV shows the most advantageous with books that comes as a series. The longer the plot is, the more story to tell, the more time needed to tell the whole story.

would rather book tag questions

I would really love to read 5 books in a week. Well, if not because my busy schedule, I would really love to finish my “to be read” list as fast as I can. But since I am a still a student, there are more priorities I have to put first before finishing up my list. So even 5 pages a day won’t do, especially, if you’re assigned to read 5 chapters of Pharmacology in a week. Well, that’s the most we can get. (sighs)

would rather book tag questions

Author. Ever since I was 9, it is my dream to become an author. Me and my grade school friends usually bought lots and lots of paper just to write random things like, poems, short stories and even academic topics like English and Math. We were ambitious young brats back then and we wanted to be the youngest authors to be granted with an opportunity to publish a book. So we write lots and lots of materials until we wanted to stop. That’s where my dream of becoming an author someday sprung up. (smiles)

would rather book tag questions

As long as it gets my attention, anything is fine. (smiles)

would rather book tag questions

I don’t know. Maybe I want to be a librarian. Tempting yourself to borrow books is better that tempting yourself to buy one.

would rather book tag questions

I try to experience every other genre that I stumble upon. As long as it gets my attention, Anything is fine.

would rather book tag questions

I would really prefer physical books than ebooks. Given that I wear glasses, ebooks are not in good terms with my eyes. So whenever I can, I buy paperbacks.

I would love to tag everyone who haven’t done this tag yet.

I would really like to know what answers you have to the following questions.

Anyways, thank you for stopping by. (smiles)


8 thoughts on “Would You Rather? Book Tag

  1. bookception21 says:

    I’d love to become a professional reviewer (reading all the books all day and everyday). I would choose e-books for how easy it is to carry around but nothing beat a real book.

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  2. Faye (@kawaiileena) says:

    For some reason, I’ve started reading a whole lot more often when I started reading ebooks on my e-ink Kindle. I don’t know why! Before that I’d read only 8 books a year? Ever since I got my kindle, it was at least 14 times more than that! There’s something about the convenience about it that makes me more motivated somehow. And yes to being a professional writer! Although being a professional readers is very, very tempting too… can we not be both? Hah!

    Faye at The Social Potato

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  3. aentee @ read at midnight says:

    I actually love ebooks. Like Faye, I read a lot more when I started using a kindle because I could carry more books and they are a tad more affordable as well. I actually read 4-5 books a week haha but that’s the perks for finishing university. Good luck with your dream to become an author!

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