Read this? Watch this! Book Tag

Read this watch this book tag

Hey there!

Here is a book tag I have volunteered to do when I stumbled upon 

So here are the rules:

  1. Create five Book-TV Pairings.
  2. Tag your favourite book bloggers/booktuber.

If you have read

The_Selection_Cover (1) The_Elite_Cover cover-the-one

If you have read


If you have read

The story of Princess Diaries 2 involves Mia’s hunt for a groom for her to be reigned as queen. But in the selection series, the prince, Maxon, has the power to choose over 35 beautiful young ladies to be his bride. The similarities in the story is one of the reasons why this pair is perfect.

If you have readtb-cover-993x1500

If you have read

Steins;Gate.full.1097371If you have read
These things are the reasons why I became interested in quantum mechanics. Schrodinger’s cat, the butterfly effect, time travel and many other theories that are associated to such. In fact, when I watched Steins;Gate, I sometimes opened the book, A Tale for a Time Being, for some of the information stated on its appendix section. That is how connected these books are. (smiles)

If you have read


If you have read


If you have read

The plot of The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight revolves around the two main character who fell in love unexpectedly in an unexpected manner. Well, so as the main characters in When in Rome. These are the kind of plots that are ‘oh so twisted’ yet still very entertaining.

If you have read

81N-m6WpExLIf you have readA_Walk_to_Remember_PosterIf you have read

These two novels/movies have so many things in common. First, there is this thing about cancer. Second, both are tear jerking stories about unconditional love. And the third and the last is, these two novels/movies gives you feels that would really remain in your heart no matter how long you’ve read the book or seen the movies.

If you have read


If you have read Oz-movieIf you have read

These two talks about magic. In the night circus, Celia and Marco were joined together by magic. Rivals at birth, both destined to became enemies but in the end fell in love with each other. The circus is their battle grounds. A place where magic rest. Well, as of Oz, The Great and Powerful, the main character is a magician and manipulated his skill in defeating the evil witches.

Well, I must say, this is one difficult tag to complete. (smiles)

Anyways, here are the people I wish to tag. If you have finished doing the tag, you are free to ignore it.

Bianca @ Ultimate Fangirl

Beatrice @ Beatrice Learns to Read

Parneet @ The Enchanted Book

Jesse @ Books at Dawn

Nerdybirdy @ Daydreaming Books

Tanaz Masaba @ Bookish Freaks

And anyone who wanted to do this tag.

Thank you for stopping by and have a nice day! (smiles)


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