Book Review: The One by Kiera Cass


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The time has come for one winner to be crowned.

When she was chosen to compete in the Selection, America never dreamed she would find herself anywhere close to the crown—or to Prince Maxon’s heart. But as the end of the competition approaches, and the threats outside the palace walls grow more vicious, America realizes just how much she stands to lose—and how hard she’ll have to fight for the future she wants.

Book Review

 ★★★★★(5 stars)

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America Singer entered the Selection without anything in mind but to become Aspen’s wife. Not a single day did she imagined falling in love with a prince she never thought she would like. But things changed and the wheels of fate turns upside down. Now, it is clear who among the two, Aspen or Maxon, she has chosen. But, does she have the guts to take on the responsibility and become The One?

This is the best of the series so far and I think it will take a while before I can recover from the feels I get with America and Maxon. (smiles)

Anyways, here are my pros and cons on why you should and should not read the book and the somewhere in between.

Book Review

  • The story keeps getting better! For the first time in history, I managed to finish a book within a day! (laughs) Not that I really read that slow, but I was surprised by how I managed to get 3 of the books done and review them all within a week. Well, there just have to be something in this book that makes me go crazily fast. (laughs even more) It’s very intriguing. In fact, despite the predictability of the end, the scenes came in unpredictable.

  • Well, speaking of predictable, the ending is beautifully crafted. I know, I have been blabbering about it the whole time but the last chapters and the epilogue were irresistibly good, I have to roll on my bed to contain my emotions.
  • The cover of the book is just stunning. The best of the three, in fact, I love how America was depicted in this cover. It’s just simply, beautiful. It took a couple of minutes before I open the book and started to read.

Book Review

  • There’s not much I want to complain about this book since I started stating what I don’t like in this series right from the beginning. As you have noticed, I put in my reviews on The Selection and The Elite the fact that I don’t like this series being written in the first person point of view. It seems so biased based on the part of the other girls who were Selected since America is the only one who gets to talk. It also gives the readers a certain hint of who Maxon will choose in the end. So, written as it is, the things the readers should look forward to in this series now becomes, how the main characters, America and Maxon, gets their happy end instead of who among the Selected would the prince choose.

Book Review

P.S. May contain spoilers. If you don’t want to be spoiled, don’t read this part.

After that incident wherein she was nearly eliminated, she realized that Maxon is someone she could never afford to lose. Now that her feelings were clear, she has to make some effort, just before the others make him change his mind.

This is the funniest scene so far. And I think even the prince find it too amusing seeing America try. (laughs)

I took a deep breath, raised my chin, and walked into the dining hall. I was purposely a minute or two late, hoping everyone would already be seated. I was right on that count. But the reaction was better than I’d hoped.

I curtsied, swinging my leg around so the slit in the dress fell open, leading nearly all the way up my thigh. The dress was a deep red, strapless and practically backless, and I was almost positive my maids had used magic to make it stay up at all. I rose, locking eyes with Maxon, who I noticed had stopped chewing. Someone dropped a fork.

What the hell is America thinking?!  (laughs)

Hilarious as it is, this segment proves that America is now willing to do anything for Maxon’s attention.

It has been stated in the previous book how the king despised America being around. He loathes her to the point of giving her the hardest tasks she could ever imagine. I won’t spoil you much on this since discussing this matter would require spoiling the whole book, or, a big pat of it. (smiles)

But despite everything that has happened between them, they still chose to be by each other’s side until the very end. It has been quite a tough challenge for the two of them, especially for Maxon, when the secret of America’s past leaked out unexpectedly.

Her relationship with Aspen was not a secret America wanted to keep. But that incident with Marlee triggered fear in her, making the secret kept as it is.

I compliment Maxon for understanding the situation. Though I hate the first part of it, the situation proved that he loved America more than anything in the world. May he be the king or just a simple five.

I tried to imagine walking into your house with you. I would have liked that, to see you where you grew up. I would love to see your brother run around or be embraced by your mother. I think it would be comforting to sense the presence of people near you, floorboards creaking and doors shutting. I would have liked to sit in one part of the house and still probably be able to smell the kitchen. I’ve always imagined that real homes are full of the aromas of whatever’s being cooked. I wouldn’t do a scrap of work. Nothing having to do with armies or budgets or negotiations. I’d sit with you, maybe try to work on my photography while you played the piano. We’d be Fives together, like you said. I could join your family for dinner, talking over one another in a collection of conversations instead of whispering and waiting our turns. And maybe I’d sleep in a spare bed or on the couch. I’d sleep on the floor beside you if you’d let me.

I think about that sometimes. Falling asleep next to you, I mean, like we did in the safe room. It was nice to hear your breaths as they came and went, something quiet and close, keeping me from feeling so alone.

This letter has gotten foolish, and I think you know how I detest looking like a fool. But still I do. For you.


This book has been one of the book series I have been ignoring since it became popular in my school. Despite all the recommendations from my friends and the availability of the series in our school library, I still chose to not to read it for some reasons. One of which is time.

Anyways, now that I have finished the first part of the series, I really want to recommend this series to the people who will be stumbling upon my blog. It is one amazing book you don’t even dare to miss.


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